Man + Woman by Crossing Barriers Ministry

Welcome back to our continuing sermons on Intro to the Bible. Earlier this week we learned about the creation of man and woman. For those that missed the Mid-Week Bible Study, here is a summary:

• We know that god created the world in six days and on the seventh took a day of rest;

• We know that there were a male and female of every living creature; • We learned that God created Adam from the dust on earth and brought him to life by blowing into his nostrils;

• We learned that God realized after Adam named all the creatures that there was no suitable mate for Adam;

• We leaned that Eve was created by Adam losing a rib while in a deep sleep.

Scripture for all of this was Genesis 1:26-2:25

I. Divine Design (Genesis 1:26-28)

God created us as man and woman. We are god’s creatures and we can’t be changed like we might change the color of our house or buy a new car.

II. God’s Image (Genesis 2:24-25)

We were created in God’s image, but each male and female have unique characteristics. God as well as unique characteristics being 3-in-1. God’s unity is a sample of the marriage where two bodies become one flesh.

III. Man Supposed to Lead (Genesis 2:5-9 & 2:18-20)

Scriptures tells us that Man was created first. Woman was made from man, but man was instructed to subdue the earth and as we will find out later was held accountable for the fall.

IV. Partnership

God created Eve so that Adam had a reliable mate. They were both instructed to multiply, subdue the earth, and exert authority over the earth. Because of this God created the first marriage and the first partnership.

V. Gender Based

We will always be referred to as male and female. This also creates us to be husbands and wives, mother and father, sons and daughters, or brothers and sisters. The scriptures extend to all of us equally, but we remain gender based.

VI. First Prize Design

We are who we are and nothing we do will make us superior than what we are. God created man to lead, while adding a female into the mix becomes God’s beauty, wisdom and goodness. We are God’s creatures and his design was a first prize design.

VII. Consistent and Understandable

No matter what book of the gospel you read, there is clear instruction as to what God’s plan was whether you are a man or a woman. It is very consistent and understandable.

VIII. Generation to Generation

As things get handed down from generation to generation, so must the gospel. The blueprint has the man being the leader who not only leads his wife but also his sons so they may pass it on to their sons when the time has come. The woman is to respect the man’s leadership but expected to teach the daughters so they may in turn repeat the role when they have grown into a mother. This is how the gospels gets handed down from generation to generation.

IX. Current Trends

There are so many current trends that cracks the surface of the creator’s creation. There are those that rebel against the gospel as well as those that rebel against God’s plans for man and woman including politicians who pass same sex marriage laws.

Romans 1 tells us that our cultural trends are merely symptoms of our rejection of our creator. The focus being that man and woman are not to be gender based and that they can interchange.

In closing, God made man to be a leader and woman to be a follower but also an equal partner. God created the first marriage with Adam and Eve and all intentions were for man to be man and woman to be woman. However, we do have to ask, if someone has tried to change man or woman, does that mean that God loves them less?

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