Serve by Crossing Barriers Ministry

What you heard about the church; trust me it is probably all true. You should not be here to connect with the church. You should be here however to connect with God.You are all here so that you can serve God with worship; served God’s with hearing his message: and so, you can serve God by praying to God in unity

SERVE is the word of the day. The waiter will serve your meal; The sheriff will serve you a summons; You will serve three years as chairman; It is your serve (Badminton, tennis or volleyball)

How about in the bible? In the NIV bible, some form of serve is found over 1,100 times. The King James Version uses different forms of the word serve over 1,400 times.

Galatians 5:13

For you were called to freedom, brothers. Only do not use your freedom as an opportunity for the flesh, but through love serve one another.

It is understood that the call to freedom refers to the freedom we have when we accept Jesus into our heart. We believe that Jesus paid for our freedom with His own blood.

Now this raised an entirely new issue. If we are free from sin, what is stopping us from going on a sin spree knowing that our sins are forgiven in advance. The Apostle Paul approached this matter instructing the Galatians to use their new found freedom to serve each other in love instead of using it selfishly gaining only for one self by sinning.


The first being you can’t start serving till you have been set free by Jesus Christ. Plain and simple, you can’t serve our God unless you accepted Jesus as your Savior and got to know him. Oh, yea you can still serve and help others but most likely they will be for the wrong reasons. And just a simple note here is that even if you know Christ and are serving, it could still be for the wrong reason.

The second thing is our sinful nature. We are all about ourselves and want to do things for our selves and therefore don’t have time to help others.

The last thing is the motive for serving is love. God is more interested in the why you are serving than how well you are serving.

Okay your heart is in the right frame and you are ready to serve. The first thing you need to do is pray to God to help you understand what He would like you to do.  Talk to you pastor (s) or look around you and see who God may put in front of you to assist.


Matthew 6:24

Take a moment and list mentally what you do each day. How much of that really has God involved with it?  We all pray, praise, worship God and hear His word on Sunday and Wednesday but what about the other days?

How many of you have that great best friend? You know the one that knows you better than any one else and most likely spend every possible minute together.

So where does God fit in on your list of friends? You could start serving by giving up a part of each day to have a stronger relationship with God.  How about reading the bible or spend some time in prayer?  To do this, God will show you who do you serve.


The opportunities are endless from your everyday options to a truly unique opportunity. Take a church as an example, there are choir members, the band, ushers, greeters, or the Sunday school teachers, just to name a few.

Now walk outside your church but don’t leave the parking lot. Most churches have external ministries working with foodbanks, or the homeless, or maybe working with the seniors in the communities.

What is the common denominator with all these opportunities? No matter what the opportunity you may choose, you are the hands and feet of Jesus showing his love and just maybe get a chance to share his gospel.

Matthew 28:19

We are all familiar with this line from the scriptures and from what is referred to as the Great Commission.

What these scriptures don’t say, “Pastors, bible thumpers, missionaries, go and teach my word among the non-believers”. It is referred to all Christians.


This question can be so simple or complicate depending on the person asking. Simple could be taking an inventory of your skills, hobbies, or likes and you could find a serving opportunity.  Like playing an instrument the sanctuary band may have a spot for you. You are a teacher Monday to Friday, maybe you like to teach Sunday School. You want to serve but something simple like part of a greeting team.  Maybe you just want to be a behind the scenes person. Still not sure, talk to your pastor.

1 Peter 4:10–11

When you accept the Lord as your Savior, you are blessed with spiritual gifts as the Apostle Peter wrote in the previous Scripture.

However, not all serve opportunities are right in front of you. Sometimes they just happen upon you and you really don’t see it till someone approaches you.  It may not be in anyone’s plans just yet but believe me when I say it’s in God’s plan. I know of a lady that had no interest in serving in the church and felt her serving was being drawn outside the church.  One day she was invited to be a nursery worker and she fell in love with the ministry.

Then we need to touch on the opportunities that most people don’t even give a second thought. How about committee members, trustees, deacons, money counters, and the folks that work to plan the seasonal events. The list goes on but let’s not forget the band members or teachers or coaches that dedicate part of their week to planning that we don’t see.


The obvious answer would be when you are scheduled or needed.

A lot of our serve opportunities take place on the day you gather to worship, pray or hear the word of God. In most instances that will be Sunday and Wednesday.  Some churches like ours have bible classes and sporting events that take place during the week so yes there are limited opportunities there as well.

Then you might be able to serve in a seasonal event such as an Easter Egg Hunt or Vacation Bible Camp or some Christmas event. The ministry you serve will dictate the need of your time but will also consider your needs and schedule.  You need to consider having time to concentrate on the worship and the message as well.

Matthew 6:33

So, you have done your weekly turn on the sound board or lights and that is it, right? Wrong! Wrong and let me say it one more time wrong!

Matthew 20:28

So again, the Apostle Matthew shows us that we are to follow the example of our savior Jesus Christ.

You always need to have your serve sensor on. You never know when God will put a person (s) or situation in your life expecting you to serve that person.  There are food pantries that need assistance, the homeless, children & youth groups just to name a few.

How about those instances that are put in front of you that may only occur once, and you are the one that it to step up to God’s call?


We have come to the final question: Why do we serve? Any of the following answers might be the right answer:

  • Because the scriptures tell us to:
  • Because it is the right thing to do
  • Because it will make you feel good
  • Because it will attempt to repay what Jesus has done for us
  • Because it fulfills the law
  • Because you are to help others
  • Because it’s God’s Commandment
  • Because Jesus tells us so

Point of the day:

We serve at the pleasure of our Lord Savior Jesus Christ!!!


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