Warnings From Heaven by Crossing Barriers Ministry

Let’s start this week’s message with this question: How many of you live by the bible day to day?  If you are a Christian, you should be spending some time with the bible and God daily.  We do however have those that attend church on Sunday and that is all or those that only go to church on Easter and Christmas.

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We all receive some form of cautions in our life. Think about all those that might give you some form of caution:

  • Doctors about losing weight or some medical procedure;
  • Counselors to rid of those addictions;
  • Advocates warning you to get out of the elements of the weather;

Now what about the cautions we receive from Heaven. These are the cautions you do not want to ignore, and Heaven shines a light on the path to try and show you the way.

Today’s message titled Heaven Speaks. We are going to look at cautions we receive from heaven that will assist us with our spiritual journey.


A small survey. How many of you have social media accounts? How many of you have only one of these? More than two but less than five? More than five? How many of you have these all on your phone?

How many of you spend less than five hours a week on all these accounts? How many of you spend more than five hours a day? I have Facebook, You Tube, and Twitter. I mainly have these for business and ministry purposes.

We all like to post things on social media that will interest others. This garners us the likes and shares. This is ok but crosses the line when this captures your time and attention which takes away from our jealous God.

You need to make a choice based on the following caution: John 15:19

Is your goal to be the most popular one or the one that stand with God?

I am going to quote something that I read on Facebook recently: “ the user stated that he had refrained from using Facebook because he felt that posting things was looking for admiration away from our God and that just wasn’t right”.

So, if I haven’t convinced you to give up social media, at least dedicate some of that time and energy by using your platforms to proclaim the gospels. Yes, you are going to come across those that disagree with your version of God. Just remember not everybody believes in our God.

It doesn’t matter what you face or run into so long as you are not dedicating all your time on those likes and shares instead of with God. They may all hate your brand of religion, but you will always be in the presence of great company no matter where you are at.

Next time you go to post to social media, stop and ask God what He would like you to say or better yet forget the social media and spent time with God.


We have many thoughts daily, hear other voices, swamped with opinions, so deciding can be difficult. On the other hand, those same decisions can be influenced by all or some of those voices and opinions.

Paul warns us in Ephesians: Ephesians 5:15

The way we live and the choices we make can make or break you either now or sometime in the future. Have you considered all the factors before making that decision?

Paul Urges us in Romans: Romans 12:2

The more we allow those voices and opinions to be that of God’s will allow us to live a more comfortable life. It will also help us to gain the needed relationship as we draw closer to our Savior.

All life choices need to be presented to God first.


No matter where the idea comes from, take time to consider where the information is truly coming from. Take these words into consideration:    1 John 4:1

We must put our own temptations and opinions aside and ensure that the thought or idea is coming from the right spirit. Proverbs 16:25

What if we were to go to the Holy Spirit in His own writings. The scriptures make it plain to understand: Proverbs 3:5,6

So, in the way we live, needs to be a caution from the heavens. We are always eager to listen to the latest idea or follow the newest fad. There is an old SAYING, “Caveat emptor” which means “buyer beware”. How about “Deus Cave”? A Latin translation meaning “God Beware”.

So where is your next big idea coming from, God or Satan?


How many times as a child growing up did your parents say, “Watch your tongue?” How many times as an adult you have been told, “Watch your language” or “That was rude” or “That was mean thing to say” or “Just keep your mouth shut if you can’t say anything nice”? The scriptures explain why Heaven feels that our words need to be cautioned: Matthew 12:36

An empty word is defined as a word that has only a grammatical function, and no meaning. Paul however explains the biblical definition: Ephesians 4:29

Later in chapter five, Paul explains in more detail: Ephesians 5:4

Today is a new day so let’s wash those empty words from our vocabulary.   There is an old saying, “Think before you speak”. Colossians 4:6

David, the psalmist, reminds us: Psalm 19:14

Think before you speak … Watch your tongue … Repeat


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Bible Reading Assignment                                                                                                            Matthew Chapters 6 – 10


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