Rescue 9-1-1 Weekly Message by Crossing Barriers Ministry

We all have situations we need rescuing from. These needed rescues range from minor issues like a financial issue all the way to a major rescue such as addiction or homeless. What do you need to be rescued from?

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The message this week, Rescue 9-1-1. We are going to look at nine possible reasons why you feel that you are not being rescued by God.


Nothing is impossible if you have faith in God. But the problem here is you must have faith. Hebrews 11:6

In order to have faith that God can rescue you, you must first believe there is a God. Once you believe there is a God, you must understand that you must have faith and to have faith you must be one of His followers.

All it takes is a small amount of faith but if there is not even a hint of faith, our Heavenly Father will not take note whatsoever. What’s preventing you from having faith so that you may be rescued?


No matter what your status is with God, a follower or a non-believer or somewhere in between, you are a sinner. From the moment you exit the womb till the day you expire, you are a sinner. Romans 3:23

Sin is not an on-off switch. You can’t turn sin off when you need God to rescue you, then turn it back off when you don’t need God for the moment.

Have you ever wondered why you keep facing an uphill battle day in and day out? That could be an obstacle that God has put in your way to make you realize that you need God.  Let me say that one more time:  YOU NEED GOD


We all have that one person or persons here on earth that we trust. It might be a spouse or a best friend but then there are some of us that don’t trust anyone and have perfectly good reasons for this discretion. Who do you trust?

Well at some point in your life you must put your trust in someone or something. Why not the Lord?  To trust you must be able to see integrity, consistency, honesty, intent, and transparency.

Like we mentioned at the start of the sermon, you must have faith. As you have faith in our Lord, the blessings start to flow and the more faith the more blessings or the brick wall starts to fall apart. Proverbs 3:5–6


Have you ever thought about why things don’t happen right away or at the time when needed? Remember the time when you received something and thought, wow sure could have used that last week when …

You want out of that situation now and not thinking about tomorrow or beyond that. Let’s take the situation of a homeless person who want to get off the street now. So, what is better, having someone pay a night in a hotel and you be back homeless after that or wait till the situation allows a more permanent solution.

We must remember that God knows everything and knows what is going to happen before it happens. Therefore, God may not rescue you today because someone is in place to rescue a few days later or maybe something bad is going to happen at that hotel if you get a room tonight. Romans 8:18


We are put into situations for a reason. It is up to you to determine what the reason might be.  Simple as that, well maybe you could talk to God for some assistance in finding the true reason.

Several years ago, I became very ill that caused me to be hospitalized. It seems that God was knocking on my door and I was not answering.  The Lord was trying to teach me that I needed to quit smoking as well He was changing my life journey to a different map.

You may be able to figure out the lesson from the situation but other times you will need to ask the teacher. Matthew 24:23


Everybody has a story that is original and changes as the years pass you by.

How about the other story you can tell – the one I speak of is your devotional about what your life was before you accepted Jesus, how you accepted Jesus, and what your life is like now. 2 Corinthians 1:3-4 

I am in no way close to the knowledge of our God.   However, I have walked many valleys and climbed many obstacles.  I have lost a love one and beaten not one but two addictions.  I have been dealt brick walls after brick walls.  It wasn’t till I had faith in God did I learn the lessons and started to see the blessings. Psalm 46:1–3

This explains it all, but the final word “Selah” is fantastic because that words means “Forever”. Teachers come and go but this teacher will be with us forever.


I will leave you with this:

Have Faith and Above All Trust God

To Listen To The Complete Message, Click HERE

Bible Reading Assignment                                                                                                        Book of Matthew Chapters 1 – 5







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