God’s Mercies Part Two by Crossing Barriers Ministry

Today we continue with part two of the topic Dark & Light. We learned last week that not following God or His instructions would be the dark side.  On the other hand, we learned that following God, His Ways and showing praise to Him would be the light Side.  Today we are going to look at the rest of the times how God grants us mercy.

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We have all experienced some type of joy in our life some time or another. It might be the new baby that was brought in this world that is now grown up and has nothing to do with you or that time years ago when you were on top of your game.

Joy is a feeling of great pleasure and happiness. However earthly joys like above come and fade away putting them on the dark side. 

The longer we live we will come to realize the lessons of life. The one that says life will have battles. Battles are like diseases, nobody gets away from them and sometimes the diseases are the battles themselves.

If you study the word, you will learn that as we move along the highway of life we will run into all types of battles. How we handle those battle will determine the character we become. I believe those that handle the battles the way that pleases God have less battles to contend with. These battles are to make us stronger in character as well as our faith.

The light side of this is to know that God is there to help you through the battle. We are to expect the battles as we move along our life not knowing when they will come but be joyous that you have God on your side.

A battle comes at you or maybe you are dealing with a battle right now. Stop right now!!! Our Gracious Lord want you to be joyous that you have the Lord to handle your troubles. If you believe in God, you have hope so keep on being joyful.  2 Corinthians 5:17


If we are an adult, we all have some type of health care insurance. Our friends to the North have free insurance supported by employers. Here in the USA, we are required to have health insurance to avoid a penalty on our tax returns. As we get older, we are introduced to Medicaid and Medicare. On the other side of life’s coin, from the moment we accept Jesus as our Savior we have Supreme Care.  Psalm 91:1-2, 4

We are all fighting a battle of some sorts, some have a bigger battle than others, but all battles are battles. Some of you might even be praying for God’s help and it appears you are not getting any answers. You might even be thinking that there is an alien force contributing to your battle. You have an addiction battle you are trying to fight and although it appears you are not getting any battle reinforcements from your prayers, Satan has enticed an acquaintance to get you high again. This could be considered the dark side.

You need to understand is that the fact that you are trying to fight the battle doesn’t mean the enemy forces won’t still try. The enemy never stops trying to defeat you. First, you need to go back to our series on unanswered prayers. You must realize that the Supreme care is always working in our life even if we don’t see it. We wonder how we are going to get through something, but He will get you to where He wants you. That is the light side.

The Bible is the biblical history thousands of years before us but is also a manual for us to live by. Inside it if you care to look are hundreds of examples of not only God’s love for us and not one example of Him asking us to face battles by yourself. 1 Corinthians 10:13


Psalm 46:10

I was told by a young man that is homeless that when He wakes up, he has his whole day planned out. He does this and that is how he survives. He needs to be a few blocks away from for breakfast, library till eleven and this gives him enough time to get to lunch and his days goes on and on…

We all have days like that as well. My wife was telling me the other day that a co-worker said to her, “You come to work here after you been to your fulltime job and then you work another job, what do you do for fun?” We don’t slow down and that is the dark side.

So, the big question here is when in that schedule is time to spend with God. Maybe you don’t and that says you should. Are you the one that only prays when you have no other option or maybe says a prayer occasionally or only in church?

Like breakfast is the most important meal of the day, the most important conversation of the day is with God. We are expected to spend time with him every day praising and worshiping Him as well time studying His word.

To sum this up for you, God wants our attention if you want His assistance with the troubles you are in or help you get over that mountain when there seems to be no other way. So, follow the following steps and you will find your life a lot more controlled:

  • Bring all your troubles to God;
  • Pray to God;
  • Study His word
  • Spend time with God

The same divine creature who created earth and all creatures and things within it, the same Holy Spirit that allows to enjoy sunrises and sunsets, also is our 24/7 365 days a year no vacation, no time off body guard but reminds us every chance He get. This all from Control Central – Heaven. Psalm 90:14

To Listen To The Complete Message, Click HERE

Bible Reading Assignment

James 1 – 5




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