Scripted Conversations About the Gospel Part 1 Mid-Week Bible Study by Crossing Barriers Ministry

Today we start a new bible study titled Unscripted.

Ever wonder how God works in lives of various believers? Over the course of the next thirteen weeks, we are going to explore key biblical based messages that have evolved out of the heart of God’s servants.  This should lead our students to a deeper level of involvement through key life messages.

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This week’s lesson is titled “Conversations About the Gospel”. Let me ask you one of these two questions:

Could you start a conversation about the gospel? Or                                                          When was the last time you had a conversation about the gospel?

There is no mistaking the command Jesus gave the eleven disciples after meeting them on a mountain side in Galilee. He instructed them to do what we call today the Great Commission: Matthew 28:16–20

Again, just before his final departure from earth after his resurrection, on the Mount of Olives, Jesus stressed to His disciples their new role. They were to receive power from the Holy Spirit, and they were to be Jesus’ witnesses in Judea, Samaria and all ends of the earth. Acts 1:8

Today we are going to learn about speaking the gospel. So, a simple question:

What does the gospel mean to you?

 To me the gospel is the written word from Jesus himself, translated over the years, that puts in motion what our Lord God expects from us in our lives going forward.

Ann sat down on a bus beside a young woman dressed in black, full of tattoos, with a pentagram necklace on a choker chain. Since Ann is one of those people others find easy to talk with, it wasn’t long before she learned her new friend was a lesbian, gothic, witch. Sidestepping the lesbian and gothic issues, Ann asked her to describe what it meant to be a witch.  After hearing her explanation of Wiccan religion, Ann responded by telling her story of following Jesus.  How did she know what to say?  There aren’t any specialized seminars on sharing the gospel with lesbians, gothic, witches.

Ann engaged her seatmate in a conversation, tailoring the gospel to meet the needs of someone obviously searching for personal identity and meaning in life. She talked about Jesus with a lesbian, gothic, witch.

There is no script for conversations like that.

None of us go it alone. Ephesians 3:7–8

What are some of the ways God’s grace has enabled you to have conversations with people?

As a ministry worker with a homeless ministry I am able the opportunity on a regular basis. As a member of the Southern Baptist Disaster Relief team we are taught to listen till those words materialize, “Why are you doing this? or some variations of that.

Janet had an acquaintance, Cheryl, who lived across the street. Like many neighbors today, they wave or spoke briefly if they were both working in their yards.  Cheryl gave birth to twins, so Janet took her a small gift and wished her well. Their relationship developed a little more through that act of kindness, but not that much since the twins kept Cheryl busy.  Then, tragically, Cheryl husband was killed in a work-related accident.  She was left a twenty-something widow with twin toddlers.  Janet later told me, “I didn’t know what to say or do.  But I knew I had to do something.  So, I baked a casserole and took it over. When Cheryl opened the door, I said I am so sorry for what’s happened.  I don’t know what to say. But I care about you and I’ll do anything I can to help you.

We are often told to take our problems to the Lord. Well in this case the Lord spoke through Janet.

Todd was sitting in his cubicle reading an obscure book about meta-physics and religious faith. When asked by a friend why he was reading that book, he replied, “I am looking for truth. Truth, man, that’s all I want to find.”

His friend told him about another book that was about the truth and asked if he would read it if he gave it to him as a gift. When Todd agreed, the friend gave him a popular book on why it’s reasonable to believe in God.

The one thing all these scenarios have in common is that each of these conversations is that they are unscripted. They didn’t have a answer written down or memorized, they allowed God control the moment.

Our discussion this week will be based on these stories. Pick any one of these stories, place yourself into the story, and tell us what type of conversation you might have in that scenario.

I selected Todd:

We were serving the homeless Easter Sunday 2018, we were handing out bibles and telling the unhoused recipients to start with the Book of John. A young man stopped and asked me why that Book when the new Testament started with the book of Matthew.  This opened the door for a longer conversation without using any of my chaplain knowledge, just an unscripted conversation.

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Bible Reading Assignment

This week is Book of Galatians Chapters 1 – 5                                                                          Next week James Chapters 1 – 5


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