Warnings Part Two by Crossing Barriers Ministry

Last week we started our two-part series on warnings. We talked about not being lazy, sexual temptations, asking for forgiveness, and our foul tongue. This week we are completing this message with the rest of the warnings God gives us in the scriptures.To Hear the Complete Message, Click HERE


Growing up I wanted to be a doctor and a lawyer while my parents wanted me to follow my father’s military path all while sending me to vocational school. Meanwhile my memories reflect on the good memories of hockey and baseball games.

These are great memories but eventually you must grow up and realize your future. For reasons that won’t be discussed in this message, none of those dreams materialized but yes, I have grown up although my wife says that I am just an overgrown child.

Now that we are grown up, our attention turns to more adult responsibilities. However, life’s track sometimes slips, and we drift back to our youthful desires and according to God shows our immaturity. When this happens, we tend to stray from the perfect plan that God has for us. 2 Timothy 2:2

The “youthful passions” in this context are not sexual.  Paul has in mind the passion for controversy, that feeling inside that relishes a fight and loves to be proved right and even prophetic.  2 Timothy 2:24

But there is something about us, especially in our youthful immaturity, that lusts to raise protests and set the world right and make sure everyone cares as passionately as I do, because I’m on the side of the right, I’m the defender of the downtrodden, I get it more than others do, etc.

Now don’t get me wrong, some youthful lusts may not be wrong so long as it is proportions to God’s plan. You might want to go tour Israel when you were younger and that might become part of your bucket list when God gives you the chance. It was not that long ago, I had a chance to revisit my youthful hockey experience except forty years later the game has changed and I was way out of shape. That either didn’t get approved by God or there was a prerequisite like get in shape.


You bumped into someone on the sidewalk, you apologize. You do something wrong to someone, you seek forgiveness. Just because you accepted God as your Savior and you know that He paid the ultimate price for your sins, past, present and future, He still wants to hear requests of forgiveness. Romans 8:12–17

Repentance is a repeatable action. In other words, God wants our request for forgiveness to renounce our ungodliness. Titus 2:12–13

Plain and simple, this scripture tells us “Teaching us that, denying ungodliness and worldly lusts, we should live soberly, righteously, and godly, in this present world;”

The grace of God, mentioned in verse 11, Titus 2:11

brings salvation as well as changed actions. Two main areas are presented here in verse 12. First, God’s grace is involved in teaching us to turn away from worldly, unrestrained, godless behaviors. Ungodliness is simply anything which contradicts God’s will or His nature. God’s grace helps believers in Christ to reject ungodly living. In addition, it helps us reject sinful desires. God’s grace trains us, or teaches us, to avoid behaviors that are sinful.

The second major point made in verse 12 involves living with self-control, morality, and godliness. “Self-control” is an idea frequently mentioned in Paul’s letter to Titus 1:8


There are many different definitions of “Stealing” but for the purpose of this point we are going to go with “taking something that doesn’t belong to you possibly by means of force or secretly or unjust means or fraudulent means. There are too many examples of what constitutes stealing.

Start with the plain and simple example of walking in the store, picking up an item and leaving with no intention of paying for that item. How about borrowing an item from a friend with no intention of giving it back? I think we are all guilty of downloading music off the internet without paying for it. I know of a person years ago when CD’s had just become popular would buy a popular CD and make copies for friends.

How about when you arrive late to start your shift, or take extra time for lunch or leave early? All examples of stealing. Or when you take those extra office supplies home for your personal use.

Apart from the fact that stealing is a violation of the Commandments, “Thou Shall Not Steal”, we as Christians are instructed by our Heavenly Father to stop stealing. Ephesians 4:28

The two main points of this verse is that the offender must stop stealing and start to work for what the offender needs. So instead of stealing that food item because you are hungry, go work and earn it. Exodus 20:15


As Christians we know we are supposed to deny the devil no matter what. The one devil I can’t resist is devil eggs. I just go crazy over them.

Seriously though, James 4:7

This piece of scripture instructs us to “resist the Devil”, so that the devil will leave you alone. The devil is like the energizer bunny, keeps going and going and going. The devil will keep coming and coming till it thinks it has won. 1 Peter 5:8

WHO ARE YOU AFRAID OF?                                                                                                         HONOR THE KING

To Listen to the Complete Message, Click HERE

Bible Reading Assignment

Book of Hebrews Chapters 8-13


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