Warnings From God Part One by Crossing Barriers Ministry

Each day from the time we wake up till the time we go to sleep we received in one form or another many warning from products, law enforcements, authority or bosses to name a few. These could be in the form of audio or written or signs. These are put in place to protect us, but human nature has us trying to forego these warnings. Matthew 5:20 If You Would Like To Listen To The Complete Message, Click HERE

Jesus gives us warnings in the scriptures about who to listen to when it comes to Christian teachings. Today we are going to look at ten warnings that our Heavenly Father sends to us through his written word. We would be wise to heed them.


We all remember the energizer bunny. That pink bunny playing the drums with the tag line “Keep going and going and….”.  That is energy.

We all need to get rid of our laziness. Now I am not talking about a week of vacation or that lazy Sunday afternoon. I am referring to getting up and helping yourself instead of expecting someone to do it for you. There is no truth to the tale of “Life on a silver platter”. It surprises me every week how many people that we serve believe they are entitled to what we are offering.

I am also talking about you and your wife going to work and you coming home, sit in front of the television while your wife cooks, cleans and take care of the children. Marriage is a partnership and that means get your lazy ass off the sofa and do something.

Do you know that even God doesn’t want you to be lazy? Now it takes believing in Christ to get eternal life not by works or deeds. But the scriptures tell us that there is no room for laziness. Romans 12:11

We are told by Paul in the book of Romans that we are not to be lazy either in our love of God or in our service to God or in our glorifying of our Heavenly Father. Romans 10:1–3


We have all at one time or another has had thoughts or inclination to sexual thoughts or actions. Some of these are proper but it is the sexual temptations that are not proper here; Proverbs 5:5

As the above scripture as well as many parts of proverbs 5 is that if you have inclination to sexual temptations will always result in something you are not seeking trust me. Proverbs 5:23

So, let us consider what does God intend for us when it comes to sex. For the answer we must go no further than the first book of the bible: 1 Thessalonians 4:1–8

Taking this a little further into this real world. There are three types of temptation which are “Lust of the flesh”, “Lust of the eyes”, and” “the pride of life”. These three are referred to as the three temptations of sin.

Lust of the flesh could be best defined as things that we do that pleases our body that may be considered sinful. These could include unmarried sex including oral or masturbation. Galatians 5:19–21

Lust of the eyes is the act of disobeying God by looking at things that we are told not to look at with desire or pleasure. A practical example of this might be secretly desiring your neighbor’s wife which would also be in violation of the tenth commandment. Consider the example of adultery from the bible:  2 Samuel 11:2

Finally, the pride of life refers to the us wanting greatness and power. This is the one form of temptation that our God despises the most. Taking credit for something someone else or God deserves the credit or wanting to boost our ego above all else

Satin is a fine example of committing the pride of life wanting to be God.  Isaiah 14:14

The scriptures display many examples of temptation. The two most outstanding would include Adam, Eve & Satin in the Garden of Eden:  Genesis 3:6 Or Jesus himself being tempted: Matthew 4:3–10

Scriptures makes it abundantly clear that no Christian is exempt from temptation.            1 Corinthians 10:12–13

Finally, we are all subject to temptation no matter what it may be. Now not all temptation is not bad especially those things that God intends for us to have. Be thankful for our Lord Savior because he has the grace to lead us from temptation.                             1 Corinthians 6:9–11


The moment we come in this world to the moment we leave this world, we are sinners because the scriptures tells us so. Romans 3:23

Even after we accept Jesus into our hearts, we are still sinners. Jesus expects us to go to Him and request forgiveness of our sins. Mark 1:15


We have all done it at one point in time of our lives. Remember the words that came out of that mouth when you missed the nail with your hammer or the famous words of my wife when a driver cuts her off almost causing an accident or that foul language as a child that got out mouth washed out with soap?

Scripture tells us that God frowns upon unkind words. One of those unkind words is also a sin against the ten Commandments. Thou shall not use thy name in vain. 1 Peter 2:1

If You Would Like To Listen To The Complete Message, Click HERE

This week’s Bible assignment is the Book of Hebrews Chapters 3-7 
















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