Imagine Redemption Part 3 of 4 Mid-Week Bible Study by Crossing Barriers Ministry

This week, we continue with our bible study Imagine based on the movie “I Can Only Imagine”. This week we’ll watch and discuss a short video, read through a passage of scripture, and discuss what the biblical theme of redemption means for us today.To Listen To the Complete Message, Click HERE

Now before we begin with the scriptures and video, lets start with an easy question.

Can you think of a favorite movie, novel, or other story that has a redemption story in it? Describe what was set free, give a second chance, or restored to new life.

Each week we’ll read an account of Jesus’ life from the gospels and then engage with the video teaching. As you read or hear it aloud, use your imagination to put yourself in the story.  You may want to jot down a few notes. Luke 4:16–21

Watch the video clip

Let’s start with a few questions about the video, and then add some questions from the passage.

In the movie, while working on the truck, Arthur says to Bart, “I figured out why you like junk, why you like to fix things, you make something out of nothing all the time. They got a word for that. What’s that word?” and Bart responds, “Redemption.”

How would you describe redemption in your own words?  What sort of redemption did Arthur and Bart experience?

How have you experienced redemption personally? When have you had a redeeming moment in life?

In Luke 4, Jesus said that He came to set prisoners free. Do you consider yourself a prisoner of sin daily? What reminds you or makes you forget?

Think about the redemption you have experienced in Christ. What would it look like to live in Christ’s freedom? What would you do differently when you wake up tomorrow?

Although we may not have stories like Bart, we can identify with the courage it took to step out in faithfulness with his music, despite not knowing how he’d provide for his family.

How has your redemption changed your perspective on your unique calling?

How do you think your story of change – your own journey of faith – could encourage and challenge others?  How do you think God is inviting you to share that story with others?

Exodus 6:6   Ruth 4:14   Isaiah 52:9

What were you like before your redemption?

Matthew 11:19

Imagine sitting down for a meal with the person who has hurt you, disappointed you, or mistreated you most severely. How would you act?  What would be going through your mind?

Exodus 20:8–11   Matthew 12:11–12

Why do you think Jesus was so welcoming and patient with the poor, the sick, and other outsiders, yet so direct and demanding towards religious leaders?

 Psalm 19:14    Psalm 49:7   Psalm 49:15

 What words would you use to describe your salvation?

  1. What was the most significant thing you learned about God this week?
  2. What have you learned about yourself this week?
  3. What was the most significant thing you learned about the Christian life this week?
  4. What does it look like to change your focus or direction of your life around the reality of God and his love for you?
  5. What would your life look like if you fully believed everything you read about God’s Fatherly love for you?
  6. How might your life be different after a transformative experience with God? If you haven’t had a transformative experience, describe what might be holding you back.

Personal Assignment

Write a letter to Jesus. Recall how you lived before your redemption and the way he has changed your heart. Thank him from your heart for his nearness to you, for dying in your place on the cross, for rising again in victory over death- so that you can be one with him for all eternity.

How do you want to express your gratitude for Christ’s redemptive work in your life?

To Listen To the Complete Message, Click HERE

Bible Assignment

This coming week’s bible assignment is starting the week of Monday march 4th is the book of Hebrews, Chapters 3-7.

Till the next time, God Bless!




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