Answered Prayers by Crossing Barriers Ministry

The last couple of weeks we have been talking about having conversations with our Lord Savior. First, we talked about going on a mission and how we need to allowed God to be in control of our life.  Then last week, we talked about those prayers that we feel that don’t get answered or get answered and we just don’t hear the answer. This week we are going to talk about prayers that will get answered as we go to Answered Prayers.

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Plain and simple, prayers are a two-way conversation between you and God. When we think of prayers, we think of the parent kneeling beside their child as the child says their prayers.  That is a pleasant memory but not the only venue for prayers. God doesn’t care where you are or what you are doing when you decide to have a conversation with Him so long as you are doing in earnest.

So, everyone has different times and ways to converse with the supreme being that paid the ultimate price for our sins. There are different prayers, some alone, some with family, and some with others.

So, prayer is a conversation, correct? If you are having a conversation with a friend or a family member or a fellow employee, you would like to get a response if you ask a question, right?  Well the same goes for when you are praying, and we talked about this last week.  Today we are going to look at ten prayer requests that God will always answer.  He will always answer because of our desire we have to grow in him and see more of him in our lives. Psalm 66:20


Number one on God’s hit list is for all of us to glorify Him. Glorification is defined as “the action of describing or representing something as admirable, especially unjustifiably” or “praise and worship God”.

Not sure how to do this? It could be complicated if you have never done this before. It is quite simple, ask Him and he will answer. We will never know till we ask.

God gives us all special talents when we accept Jesus into our hearts and His response may be to use those talents to disciple to others or maybe He wants you to start a ministry or maybe you could glorify Him by volunteering. Romans 8:10


We all know that no matter what we do, we are sinners and will always be sinners because Romans 3:23 says “All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God”.

When somebody does something wrong to us, we hope that they will come and apologize and seek forgiveness. Likewise, if we do someone wrong, we need to apologize and seek forgiveness.

So, we know that we are born sinners, sinners all our life till the day we die. Sin is doing wrong against our loving Father. So why are we not seeking forgiveness for doing wrong?

We all know that Jesus paid the ultimate price for our sins. That was for all past, present and future sins. All we need to do is ask for forgiveness and receive redemption.               1 John 1:9


We all remember the game of hide and seek. After looking for a while, you would call out some agreed upon code that basically said, “Show yourself”.

Well with everything happening in our daily schedules, we sometimes have troubles seeing straight and that would include where God may be wanting us to go or truly understand where he is guiding us or why. Surprise!! If you ask him to reveal Himself to you, He will. The past part of this is that it will be in an awesome / or amazing ways.

The answer or the revealing could come in different ways depending on the requestor. It could be as an inner voice, a vision, or maybe a dream. Then it could be the answer to a prayer that hasn’t been spoken yet.

No matter what you are going through, make it a regular practice to make sure you invite Jesus to reveal Himself in your life. Take note of things that happen whether big or small.

There are times when God reveals himself in our life and we have yet invited Him yet. Ever wonder why when you are in a hurry to get somewhere and hit every red light. It might be as simple as God is protecting you from an accident and then there are times, we may never know the reason.  Romans 1:20


It’s cold and wet, Winter Outreach is activated, we hope that you make a good judgment by accepting a bed inside. As parents when we allow our children more freedom, we hope they will make good judgment calls.  Proverbs 3:5–6

The scriptures tell us to rely on God for his wisdom. However, when most of us get into a situation and not sure where to go or what to do, we don’t think to ask God for wisdom right away. Don’t rely on yourself for the correct answer but go to God or at least your pastor or a trusted friend. It has been known that God will talk to you through your pastor or that trusted friend but may also speak to you directly. Proverbs 4:6–7

  2. Evangelize
  3. Light the Path
  4. Goodbye Chaos
  5. Heart Entwined
  6. Mind Melt

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The Bible reading assignment for this week is to finish off the book of Acts Chapters 26-28 and the first two chapters of the book of Hebrews.


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