Unanswered Prayers by Crossing Barriers Ministry

The temperature has dropped below 20 degrees, wind is picking up, and the freezing rain has made it unbearable for the young man who has battled homeless for the past six months. He missed the opportunity tonight to get into a shelter, so he is extra bundled up with a couple more blankets that an outreach worker provided.  As the outreach worker walked away, she heard the young man praying.

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“Lord, I am not sure you are hearing me, but I have been praying to you for the past few nights, but it doesn’t seem like you are hearing me because you don’t answer. Lord, I just need a warm place to lay my head, a warm meal, and a place to clean up and I can get a job and get back on my feet out of this dark deep pit I am in.  Lord tell me what I have to do to get some help from you.”

The outreach worker came back the next night and the man was sound asleep in his usual spot. It was warmer so the extra beds weren’t open.  Apparently, God had not reached out to the young man just yet. So, the outreach worker stopped and said a prayer for the young man.

It was a week or so before the outreach worker saw the young man again. Nothing had changed and the young man said that God’s not hearing his prayers.

GOD HEARS ALL PRAYERS  (1 John 5:15)                                                                               GOD ANSWERS ALL PRAYERS (James 4:3)

But the fact is, God does answer prayer. In fact, God answers every prayer. If you think about it, though, you can understand why he doesn’t answer every prayer with a “Yes,” immediately. … God isn’t going to answer both prayers with a Yes, right away.

Today we are going to learn ten reasons why our Gracious Savior might appear to not be answering your prayers. Today we are learning about Unanswered Prayers.


Although we all have things to worry about. Worry can be healthy in minimal doses. You need to put all your worry however, in the hands of the Lord. Allow Him the control and you have less worry. John 15:7


But just like Jesus forgave those back in his life here on earth, we are to follow his example by forgiving others. Even in his dying moments, Jesus was asking for forgiveness. Luke 23:34

Biblically, there are two reasons why this step might be a reason your prayers are not being answered. First, you must ask for forgiveness and accept Jesus into your heart. Even after you have done that you need to ask for forgiveness for the sins you have committed because we all commit them.

No matter what you do or how hard you try to be a great person, you are a sinner. The moment you are brought into this life till the moment you leave this earth, you are a sinner. Romans 3:23 tells us that we fall short of the glory of God.


We have all heard the term selective hearing. Well I feel that we can also have selective focus. Another way of saying this is a one-track mind.

Yes, we all have problems. You have just lost your job, where’s my next meal coming from, where am I am going to sleep tonight? I remember a time when I was concentrating on the pile of bills in front of me and only enough money to pay a portion of them.

Better yet, it was a few short years ago that I was in the hospital with the Doctor telling me that I would be on oxygen for the rest of my life. Freedom gone to be restricted by oxygen, unable to continue work – what was I going to do?

My problem was not my too many bills and not enough cash or life on oxygen not knowing what I was going to do for the rest of my life. The problem was that I was worrying too much and not doing what I should have been doing and that is taking my problems to my Heavenly Father. Proverbs 28:9

Sometime focusing too much on the problem takes away time with God and he is a very jealous God. Take for an example your kitchen sink. You put the plug in and that is all the money you have. Turn on the water and those are the bills coming in. You are concentrating on the sink and not the running water that eventually starts overflowing and Satin now owns you and you need to get back to God. Colossians 3:2


Indulging is defined as “allow oneself to enjoy the pleasure of”, or “become involved in (an activity, typically one that is undesirable or disapproved of)”, or “allow oneself to enjoy a particular pleasure, especially that of alcohol”. So, what do you indulge in?

All of us at one time or another, has or will receive bad news of large magnitude. A loved one has passed, pending divorce or knowledge of an affair, or a friend in a serious vehicle accident. Our immediate reaction is to go into pain mode. Doing this, we forget the one person that could help us get through this tragedy. He completely seems to be the last person we turn to and in some cases, we sometimes blame Him. John 14:12-14

TALKING … NOT THINKING                                                                                                          THE PAST & THE PRESENT                                                                                                             LESS TALKING … MORE LISTENING                                                                        UNDERSTANDING                                                                                                                  SPEECHLESS                                                                                                                                WHAT ARE YOU ASKING FOR?

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Bible Reading Assignment 

Book of Acts Chapter 21-25

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