Our Friend by Crossing Barriers Ministry

Let me start this week by asking this question: How many friends do you have? Or Who is your best friend?

A friend is defined as a person whom one knows and with whom one has a bond of mutual affection, typically exclusive of sexual or family relations. You are down on your luck or need help to move or need a big favor, what friends are still there and what ones are no where’s to be found.

I have always said that I have a few friends that I can count on one hand but have a lot of acquaintances. But when push comes to shove, one friend that I can always count on is my savior Jesus Christ.

Today’s message we are going to talk about Jesus Christ and how he is as our message is titled “Our Friend”.

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No matter what our circumstances, He is always there. He listens, he cares, and He loves us.  I know that there are days when you feel like He is not there, or He doesn’t care or love you because He let something bad happen.  But that is the furthest from the truth and His book – the Bible states otherwise.

Our God is there and fights for us every minute of every day. He will never change, He’s unstoppable, mighty & strong, miracle maker and He can do the impossible.

Can you name a friend that will always love you, and will always be kind to you? Will this same friend be there knowing your needs always and will be there to care for you?  My friend will do all that and is righteous and holy.  My friend is God.

My God has unlimited power, present everywhere at the same time, and knows everything. My God will last forever with no beginning or ending, and His words are cemented in the book they call the Bible.

He is a friend with many names, but God or Father works just as well.  He will always be a courteous, caring, concern, and forgiving parent.  Like or unlike our parents here on earth, God will always be there no matter what.

HE LOVES US  1 John 3:1.

Do you have a friend that loves you unconditionally? Would that friend still be a friend if you ended up with his job and he became unemployed?  Most case scenarios say that most likely you would lose a friend.

My God no matter how bad you have been He will still love you unconditionally. No matter where we are at, God will always be there.  What friend of yours sacrifice their son so that you can receive eternal life.

HE IS FAITHFUL Psalm 145:17

We are reminded about God’s faithfulness to us through the scriptures we are supposed to read every day. Even though our world is different from when His son lived here on earth and constantly changing, the promises made to us will be kept because God can’t fail.


Well our God created the world, raised the dead, performed miracles, and split the seas wide open so there was dry land for His people could walk through. This was thousand years ago, but that same God is still with us today splitting a different sea wide open so that we can accomplish what we are attempting to accomplish.

No matter how good or bad you are at any moment, or whether you want him or not, that same God that created the earth is involved with every aspect of everyone’s life. For our God there is nothing impossible.  There is no limitation for him and while He works for us, He is bringing us closer to Him as well.

HE IS THE KING Psalm 103:19

When we say King, we think about an older man living in a castle that makes the rules of the region. This may be the case somewhere but, in our life, the ultimate king is God.  We may even question God’s way sometime in our journey.  We might even try to justify our decision that God doesn’t understand today’s society.  You would be wrong.

Another mistake we make is that we get impatient and want things quicker than God wants us to have them. You will realize that the King will control when you get what you are looking for.

The King rules everyday both in person as well as His rulebook.

God’s truth reminds us of His constant guidance and help. He rules over all; He is in control, and nothing takes Him by surprise. He never asks us to figure it all out on our own. He just asks us to trust Him — to recognize His leadership and sovereignty in our lives. And He promises to make our pathways smooth.


No matter the situation, our God understands. He is the wise leader. His threshold for anger is very high but full of forgiveness and love.  God not only cares for us but when we suffer, He suffers as well with us.  When we are grieving or heart broken, no matter the struggle or the trouble, our God is a caring parent.

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For those that are participating in the bible reading of the New Testament in 2019, You should have already completed the Book of mark and the first five chapters of the Book of Acts. This coming week starting Monday January 28th, the new assignment is Chapters 6-10 of the Book of Acts.


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