Heavenly Guide Part Two of First Name Basis by Crossing Barriers Ministry

Last week we learned several things to start this series off. The first we learned how the baby Jesus was born.  An angel came and told Mary that she was selected by God to be pregnant (She was a virgin and by all counts was still a virgin after) and to call him Jesus.  She became pregnant through the Holy Spirit.  Her fiancé’ Joseph was also visited by an angel and told to take the Virgin Mary to be his wife and that she was going to have a baby and to name it Jesus.

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Caesar at this time had called for a census which required everyone to be counted in their place of origin. Therefore, Joseph and Mary travelled to Bethlehem and the baby Jesus was born in the manger because the inn keeper had no rooms.

Secondly, we learned that while here on earth, Jesus was fully human. He was also fully God. His purpose here was to live a sinless life so that He may be crucified on the cross to redeem us and give us everlasting life.

A name that was synonymous with Jesus was Immanuel. Translated this means “God with us”

Today as we start the second part of a three-part Christmas Message titled First Name Basis, we learn of another name for Jesus. Today’s message is titled Heavenly Guide. The whole series is using the following verse:

Isaiah 9:6                                                                                                                                                 “For a child is born to us, A son is given to us; And the government Is upon His shoulder; And His name will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Eternal Father, Prince of Peace”

The name Isaiah comes from the Hebrew name Yesha’yahu meaning “YAHWEH is salvation”, from the roots yasha’ meaning “to save” and yah referring to the Hebrew God. Isaiah is one of the four major prophets of the Old Testament, supposedly the author of the Book of Isaiah.

Isaiah wrote this prophecy at least a hundred years before Israel was taken into Babylonian captivity—nearly 600 years before the birth of the Savior! Looking at a litany of failed monarchs, and sitting in the rubble of Israel’s monarchy, Isaiah looked across the centuries to a time when God would rule on earth through His Son.

“A child will be born to us” underscores the Messiah’s humanity. He had to come as a human being, in the form of a child, so He could endure the temptations men face, yet be without sin. Hebrews 4:15

Wonderful Counselor   (John 15:26)

A counsellor is defined as a person trained to give guidance on personal, social, or psychological problems. Can you think of a better counselor?

Christ demonstrated time after time that His wisdom as a counselor was wonderful. Every encounter Jesus had with individuals who came to Him for counsel, He always knew what to say, when to reach out to a seeking heart, and when to rebuke an impetuous soul. John 7:46

Jesus is the source of all truth. There is no man that can match our gracious savior.  Therefore, we must ultimately learn to trust His loving rule of our lives. John 14:6

Many of our politicians turn everywhere else for counsel. They go to one another; they listen to special interests; they have their own psychologists, psychiatrists, analysts, philosophers, spiritual advisors, gurus, astrologers, and other human counselors. But the King of kings keeps His own counsel. After all, Isaiah 40:13

He is a Wonderful Counselor because He is God, the source of truth. When He rules the earth, there will be no uncertainty in his administration. He is the ultimate and only true answer to political confusion.

Ruler (1 Chronicles 29:11–12)

It is proclaimed that Jesus is the Ruler of all people of power here on earth. Although a politician may be elected by the people, Jesus is elected by God by virtue of his resurrection from the dead, my indestructible life, and my installation at God’s right hand.”

Take into consideration the following five points which further cements the idea that Jesus is the ultimate ruler:

He Controls Who Becomes King and Who Doesn’t                                                                 He Regulates What the Kings of the Earth Do                                                                        He Has Authority to Claim Citizens Everywhere                                                                    He Will Triumph                                                                                                                        Christ Is Ordering the World for the Good of the Church


Guide is defined as to show or indicate the way to (someone), or to direct or have an influence on the course of action of (someone or something). A guide may guide you through a museum or you have a tourist guide.  Your pastor guides you through the scriptures. Proverbs 3:5–6


Leader is defined as the person who leads or commands a group, organization, or country. Your Sunday School teacher is a leader, your coach is a leader, our president is a leader, and yes, your pastor is a leader.  But the greatest leader is God.

Jesus Didn’t Self-promote


Jesus was Obedient to the Holy Spirit


Jesus Cast a Vision, with Clarity, Simplicity, and Directness


Jesus was a Strategic Team Builder


Jesus Built Relationships


Jesus as a Leader Showed Control and Authority when Necessary


Jesus Handled Crisis Directly


Jesus Prayed Daily


Jesus Empowered Others

So, in closing this week, we learned that the first name given to Jesus is Wonderful Counselor. He knows everything and reigns over everything. He is certainly qualified to guide us through tough times and important decisions. While it is not wrong to seek professional counsel, remember that only Jesus can give us divine wisdom that will always lead us down the path of righteousness.



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