Good Times by Crossing Barriers Ministry

Happiness can be defined in many ways by many different people. Some may say a well-balanced family life makes them happy while another may say the freedom is happiness to them.  Some may say the job brings them happiness while another may say the recreation activities.To hear the complete message, Click HERE

Joy on the other hand can be used in many ways as well. You bring a child into this world and you call it your bundle of joy. Your boss says we are working late again for the fifth night in a row you might say sarcastically “Oh joy”.  We use joy a tremendous amount around Christmas time.

Let’s take this one step further if I may. Is your relationship with God, one of happiness or joy?  Today we are going to explore the joy that should be in your life.  We titled this message “Fun Times”.

Before we start talking about joy in our lives, let us take a moment and reflect on responses we have. How about non-compliant or rebellious. These are things that could get us into trouble but these same could prevent us from sinning as well.

We have been instructed from the very first days of our Christian lives that we are to fight against the evil forces and sins of the world. In contrast, we are to embrace all that Christ has done for us and will continue to do for us. Romans 15:13

Joy is the one thing that strengthens us. No matter what is going on in and around you, we have joy.  It seems wrong with so much bad all around us but we cling to joy. Joy is the nucleus of God’s Kingdom. James 1:2

Happiness is the state of being happy. You are happy if your team wins or you get a raise from work.  Joy on the other hand is defined as a feeling of great pleasure and happiness.

Per the definition above, happiness is great, but you can’t have joy without happiness. Therefore, joy is better and different from happiness.

Happiness could be any of the following:

  • You find out that you have a day off because of the weather;
  • You receive an extra sandwich, or someone gave you a hot drink;
  • You are happy when you get mail from a family member or a friend

Now the opposite of happiness is sad. When you must work overtime and miss a once in a lifetime date would make you sad. You would be sad if your favorite team loses or you are totally forgotten on your birthday.

Happiness is circumstantial at best. Happiness is unpredictable. Happiness is related to the events happening to you and surrounding you.    Romans 12:12

Joy does not connect with your circumstances. You take out your family for ice cream will bring you happiness maybe but not joy. Your wife brings children into this world and you will feel joy. Any one that you may know that has become cancer free would be joyous.

Whether you understand this or not, you receive joy because of the presence of God. This is not merely happiness. John 16:24

The ingredients that make up to joy, happiness is not a mandatory ingredient. Every person can feel happiness, but joy is made with a secret ingredient that is not found in happiness.

There is no price we pay to feel joy unlike happiness. We also know that Joy is connected to God. We also know that those that receive joy are connected to God. Galatians 5:22

Joy comes from God. It is available seven days a week, twenty-four hours. It is there for you and all you must believe in God. It was explained that I saw on YouTube video that happiness is external and Joy is internal like a direct deposit from God.1 Peter 1:8

Everybody should yearn for joy in their lives. Imagine your work day or your marriage if you have joy in your life. The secret ingredient in joy no matter what is happening around you is to deeply love your God. Luke 15:10

To hear the final part of this message and hear the prayer, Click HERE



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