Paul’s Call Week 33 Intro to the Bible by Crossing Barriers Ministry

The chief persecutor of the disciples was a Pharisee named Saul. He participated in the death of Stephen and the disciples were scattered from Jerusalem throughout Judea and Samaria.  Saul began to destroy the church dragging off men and women to prison. On the way to Damascus to persecute the disciples, Saul had an encounter with Jesus.

Today’s message come from Acts 9:1-31

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Saul was preparing to depart for Damascus. He went to the high priests and seek letters to the synagogues of Damascus. The letters were to permit him to bound and take as prisoners the disciples whether men or women off to Jerusalem. (Vs. 1-2)

As Saul travelled on the road to Damascus, suddenly there was a bright shiny light all around him that appeared to be coming from heaven. Saul was frightened and fell to the ground.  Then he heard the voice asking him why he was persecuting Him?  Saul asked the voice who he was and the voice replied that he was Jesus who we had persecuted.  Saul asked Him what he should do, and the Lord responded to go into the city and he would be told what to do. (Vs. 3-6)

The men that were travelling with Saul however, saw no man but heard the voice. Saul got up from the ground and while standing speechless, he could hear but not see. He was led into Damascus by his fellow travelers.  He was there three days without sight and neither ate or drank. (Vs. 7-9)

In Damascus was a disciple named Ananias. The Lord appeared to him and told him to go to Saul who was in the house of Judas. You will put your hands on him so that he may receive his sight back.  Ananias was hesitant knowing all about Saul.  The Lord told him to go as he asked because Saul was a chosen means of spreading the word of God.         (Vs. 10-16)

Ananias went to Saul as instructed by the Lord. When he arrived, he set to Saul that the Lord had instructed him in a dream to come touch Saul so that he might get his sight back.  Saul lost the scales from his eyes and his sight was restored. He arose and immediately was baptized. (Vs. 17-19)

With a new lease on life, Saul started to preaching God’s word in the synagogues. All that heard him were amazed. Some rebuke because not so far in the past this same man was against God’s word. There was a plot where the Jews wanted to have him killed. He was rescued by the disciples who let him down the wall in a basket at night. (Vs. 20-25)

Saul arrived in Jerusalem to attempt to join the disciples. They were afraid of him and felt that he was not a disciple. However, Barnabas took Saul and spoke up for him.      (Vs. 26-29)

However, the churches in Judea, Galilee, and Samaria were instructed and improved formally. They began walking in fear of the Lord and in the comfort of the Holy Ghost, they multiplied. (Vs. 30-31)

Questions to be answered:

  1. What did we learn about God in this story?
  2. What do we learn about man/ourselves in this story?

a)  What did this story reveal about man’s character with / without God?                                                                                                                                          b) Where specifically do we see ourselves in this story?                                                                                                                                          c)  What is your experience with / without God in this area of your life?

4.  What did you learn new in this story?                                                                                                                                                   5.  What should I do differently because of this story?

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