Right Choices: Part 8 The Bucket List by Crossing Barriers Ministry

Would you believe that 30% of the time we may / don’t make the right choice? This figure comes from the Association for Psychological Science. A leading educational study says that adults make 35.000 decisions in a day. In contrast a child makes 3,000 decisions a day. Think about that for a moment.To listen to the complete sermon, CLICK HERE

What outfit to wear?                                                                                                                     What to have for Breakfast?                                                                                                     Lunch: eat out, order in, with who, what time, what restaurant, what to have, or just take a sack lunch?                                                                                                                                  What bills need to be paid today?                                                                                                   Do I have enough gas for today?                                                                                                        What to do after work today? Where? With whom? Is it free or cost? Can I afford?

How about your religious choices?

Do I believe there is a God? Is the church I am attending the right church for me and my family?  What is the right Sunday school class, fellowship group, or what ministry or missions is right?

This leads us to our message for the day: Luke 23:39-43

We are in a place outside of Jerusalem in a place called Golgotha. Translated from Arabian means the “Place of the skull”.  Jesus has been sentenced to die and he was nailed to the cross.  There were two thieves also nailed to crosses, one on the left of Jesus and the other one on the right of Jesus, Matthew 27:39–44

First thing I like to touch on were the two that were joining Jesus on the crosses on either side of Jesus. They were thieves: Matthew 27:38

It says the thief on the right of Jesus died to sin: Romans 6:2

When you put your trust in Jesus, you are burning your bridges from the previous life. You have declared bankruptcy on your past and like a bankruptcy you have been given a clean slate.

Now you are free! No not free to do whatever you please but free. Compare yourselves to the persons that were led out of Egypt who became free or the slaves that were freed by proclamation.  This may be a hard concept to grasp but, in some ways, you feel great but other parts will feel lost.

Even so, in Christ you died to sin. You no longer must live under its power. You don’t have to obey it. You have been raised up in Christ so that you now can walk in newness of life. Think often about your new position in Him. Our union with Christ in His death and resurrection is the foundation for separation from sin and walking in newness of life.

It states that the thief on the left died in sin. John 8:24

No matter what anyone tells you, we are all inclined to sin. There is just no stopping that.  We can’t be sinless, that job was already taken by our maker. Paul tells us in Ephesians that we are all born in sin: Ephesians 2:1

So, the day you are brought into this word you are dead spiritually. You are just a dead rose bush so to speak taking up space.  Without the nourishment it needs, it will just lay there dormant.

So, we take this one step further. We know that unless we confess our sins and accept the Lord as our savior we will die in sin and should we die without accepting Jesus we will be separated for eternity.

Verse 39 refers to “one of the malefactors” defined as a person who commits a crime or some other wrong.

Then its goes on to say one of the criminals which were also hanged “Railed” on Him. First, Him refers to Jesus.  Railed comes from the Latin word ruguire which means to bellow.  So, one of the criminals which were also hanged bellowed at Jesus.  They wanted to know that if He was the Savior why He couldn’t say them or himself.

Verse 40 starts with the other criminal rebuking by asking “Does not thou fear God?” While the others jeer, does thou fear God.  Ask yourself if you fear God knowing that you will meet Him, and he will be your Judge?

Verse 41 further goes on to tell us that you are spending you last moments on earth in a reckless way of coming judgment when you are “In the same condemnation”. Referring to the action of condemning someone to a punishment or sentencing or in the case death.

Verse 42 continues with the thief asking Jesus to remember him. So, let’s observe here at that august moment (defined as that respective or impressive) when He “cometh into His kingdom,” it will do. “Only assure me that then Thou wilt not forget such a wretch as I, that once hung by Thy side, and I am content.”

The last verse shows the dying Redeemer speaks as if He Himself viewed it in this light. It was a “song in the night.” Its ministered cheer to His spirit in the midnight gloom that now enwrap it. Verily I say unto thee “Since thou speakest as to the king, with kingly authority speak I to thee.”

So, to sum up this lesson, we must understand why Jesus did what he did to die on the cross after everything He endured but also after all the Good He had done here on earth. Did he have a choice? Did He have any other choice? What would happen if He had done any other choice? Did He make the right choice?  Are you making the right choice?

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To listen to the complete sermon, CLICK HERE

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