Lest We Remember Never Forget by Crossing Barriers Ministry

The title of an Allan Jackson hit is the leading question of the day: Where were you when the world stopped turning?

You can listen to the full sermon, CLICK HERE

We can travel back seventeen years to that dreadful day on September 11, 2001, or maybe remember another tragedy such as a hurricane, tornado or flooding. After the initial shock, we start asking questions like:

Why me Lord?
Why now?
What are we going to do? / What am I going to do?

There will be some of us that ask or wonder where God was through this or why did he just let this happen?

First, I want you to know that God is always with you no matter what you are dealing with. Isaiah 41:10

So, let’s look at some reasons or objections person may have to believe why God is not with them when a disaster hit:

There are some that believe that when a disaster takes place that God didn’t plan although he knew that they were possible to happen. Jeremiah 10:12-13 shows us that God is in control and nothing happens without him.

As well scriptures from Psalm 33:13-15 supports that God is in control:

The Devil controls natural disasters not God. The story of Job emphasizes this by showing us that Satan challenged God that he could get Job to turn against God if Satan could punish Job. Job 1:16-18

But the Book of Job also shows us that Satan can only act with God’s permission: Job 1:9-12

In the example of Job above God didn’t cause the disasters to happen but allowed them to test Job’s faithfulness. However, saying that God never causes natural disasters but sometimes will not prevent them – except for the story of Job there is no biblical proof to support this but let’s look at proof that he does cause them: Genesis 7:4 / Genesis 19:24 / Isaiah 29:6 / Ezekiel 13:13

So, we know that God controls and at times allow disasters, let’s look at why he would do this:

This is God’s way of dealing with those that do not behave correctly according to the laws of God as Moses shows us in the story of Noah and the Ark: Genesis 7:21 -23

Our time here on earth is determined by God alone and these disasters of His reminds us of this. This is also a warning to those non-believers to think of salvation before it is too late. Psalm 144:4

It shows the good and the bad side of man. They say when a disaster arrives, so does the evil side of human nature.

Take for instance the pilfering of money by government agencies during disasters;          The vandalism and theft;
The total chaos;

We know that man has been created in God’s image and when disasters occur they bring out the best in men. Christians are more about helping others in a disaster than helping themselves.

Responses that Churches and Organizations get when asking for assistance not only during a disaster but even during normal times;

The many Baptist organizations just like Mo. Baptist Disaster Relief
providing Help, Hope & Healing;

The person who will give his time and labor just because he can;

So, whether we are talking about the great flood back in the book of Genesis or the 9/11 event, we know that God is with us always and feels our pain. Psalm 34:18 shows that God is always with us and deliver us from our troubles:

And we get comfort from Isaiah 41:10 that God is always with us:

You can listen to the full sermon, CLICK HERE

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