In God’s Hands Part 7 of 8 by Crossing Barriers Ministry

Whose hands would you trust your life with? How about your children’s lives? We put our lives in the hands of may people every day like doctors, contractors, lawyers, even pastors or counselors and the list goes on.

Today’s message comes from Luke 23:46

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Too many times, we do not trust our lives to the hands of God while we are here on earth.

Now that mission is accomplished, the one last thing to do is to release his spirit to God. The question you might ask is what spirit is being released, the Holy Spirit, his divine nature or his human soul? Well the answer would be the human soul.  The human soul of a perfect man, who was tempted, bore sorrows & griefs, and endured the wrath of God because his spirit belongs to God. Psalms 31:5

Jesus honoring his Father who by the way is now our Father. This is because Jesus completed His mission by the work on the cross.  What reassurances we have knowing that everything Jesus did was for us and allows us to put our lives in our Father’s hands. Every scripture in this book, points to the fact that our Father loves us very much.              1 John 3:1

There are several instances where Jesus told his disciples of how the end would happen: Mark 10:33-34 / Mark 8:31 / Mark 9:31

All of this was to happen because that was the scriptures stated and was his Father’s wishes. Jesus allowed himself arrested after being deceived by Judas: Matthew 26:54 Matthew 26:56

 Also interesting was during his captured. They tortured him, they mocked him, they showed him hatred, they left him cloth less, nailed him to a cross for a crime that he was innocent of and to add insult to injury with two common criminals one on each side.  But through it all, Jesus completed the prophesy for all of us sinners.

We know through the scriptures that three days from this historical event, Jesus will be resurrected from the grave. Forty days after that the Father will exalt Him to the highest place and give Him the name that is above every name, that at the name of Jesus every knee shall bow, in heaven and q20on earth and under the earth, and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father. Philippians 2:9-11

He may never be human again, but scriptures do tell us that one day He will return. We must know that the roles will be reversed.  While he lived here on earth he was judged and condemned by the very people that he sacrificed his life for their sins. Now it will be His turn to judge us. Revelations 3:21 Psalms 2:1

What was Jesus’ reason for dying? The only reason was our sins. We are taught that two things must happen for Jesus to remove the guilt of our sin and satisfy the wrath of God.  The first was that Jesus needed to be judged and suffer which he has already done.  Then He must taste death.

So, when we die, if we had accepted Jesus as our savior while we were living, what happens. It is not our bodies that go to heaven but rather our spirit.  So essentially, we are saying to our Father in heaven, “Take my spirit”.

The scriptures are full of commands from God with regards to putting into God’s hands.  Psalm 118:8

We have all been taught that we are to go and make disciples baptizing them in the name of the Father. There are many ways to show God’s love and it may not just be going and talking to them about it.  Disaster relief chaplains are trained to be listeners while ministry workers are trained to show love and service.

But what do you do if you don’t know what to do or too scared to do something? What if you are too scared to invite someone to church? What if you are too shy to share a meal with a neighbor that could use it or go help fix up a building that needs fixing.  Take a moment and pray.  Matter of fact put the whole disciple mission in the hands of God and trust me He won’t let you down.

We have confidence in the Father’s hope of not just our spirit being deposited in His hands, but also of those same hands taking that spirit and placing it into a resurrected body that will love Him and Live with Him forever. You can’t be ready to live until you are ready to die, and you are not ready to die until you are ready to die in God’s hands.

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