Mission Impossible Part 6/8 Crossing Barriers Ministry Series

A friend of mine started a ministry a few years back. His goal was to start a school where he could not only teach children but to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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Jesus had a mission as well. Jesus came to us born of the virgin Mary, to live a sinless life, to be accused and found guilty of a crime not committed, He was hung to a cross to die.

In each of these scenarios there was a mission. In each of these cases, it was Mission Accomplished.

This is Part six of an eight-part series titled The Bucket List. Today’s message is titled Mission Accomplished. Today’s message comes from John 19:30

The problem today is that we do not take the mission that God has given us serious enough. Some of us have accepted Jesus as our Savior but take the rest for granted.  Some have not accepted Jesus and better, yet some believe there is no God.

Let us go back to last week just for a second.

So, Jesus was nailed to the cross for doing nothing but to die for our sins as this was a part of the prophesy. He says he is thirsty and they give him a drink.  He has been on that cross for hours, has lost blood, and having trouble breathing but only takes a few sips.  After Jesus had taken the vinegar, he said “It is finished!”  then he bowed his head and died. But we all know that is not the end, correct?

Jesus says, “It is finished”. What is finished?  Jesus reveals in the scriptures that Jesus had a priority in doing His Father’s work. John 4:34

The following were part of the “It is Finished”

 Jesus dying on the cross as a sacrifice for our sins was a way of Glorifying the almighty Father in heaven. John 17:1

Like a father would like a son to carry on the family name, Jesus had to teach the disciples so that they could have a relationship with Him but just as important was that they were to carry on His work. John 17:3

As Jesus was sent by God, the disciples were given to Him by God. John 17:2

The purpose was that Jesus was to teach the disciples. John 17:6-8

Finally, we must acknowledge that Jesus’ life was the word of God and the basis for the New Testament John 1:1

Protect the early spiritual growth of the eleven disciples.  John 17:12

Sanctify and send all Believers out to the world to testify in the deity of Jesus and the means of eternal life. John 17:14-21

This was the beauty of God on display by his son Jesus. This quality of God’s character is now shared by Jesus with Believers who are being transformed into God’s image                 John 17:22-24.

So, what was the purpose of Jesus’ death?

Jesus outlines in the scriptures but also tells the disciples that his predictions of death were because he has to give his life as a ransom for the sinners of the world. Matt 20:28

There is no other way to say this, but we are born sinners. We will always be sinners and no way out.  We are taught that wages of sin are death as stated in Romans 6:23. God’s hates sin and His judgment of it (sin of any kind) is death, and this judgment is the ransom Jesus pays on our behalf. Jesus gave His life as a ransom by paying the judicial penalty for sin and satisfying the wrath of God.

We all understand the mission that Jesus had. When he shouted, “It is finished”, that was not the end but the beginning of the end as David Phelps says in the song with that title.

However, we need to consider the following as solutions to our mission:

    1. We need to accept Jesus as our Savior and admit that we are sinners;    Romans 10:9
    2. We need to be baptized so we proclaim our belief to the world; Mark 16:16
    3. No matter what we need to maintain our beliefs and put all your trust in God; John 1:10-13
    4. We need to seek out a ministry as well as serve the Lord; Psalms 100:2

Now comes the hardest part of the mission and to coin the words from the show “This is your mission, should you choose to accept it”,  Matthew 28:19-20


On the cross, sin nailed Jesus to the cross. Death had Jesus in a stranglehold, but Jesus took the sting out of death and Jesus sapped the power out of sin and finished it off once and for all with two words. “Mission Accomplished”. Are you ready to accomplish this Mission? Accept Jesus today and leave your sins nailed to the cross.So, what is your Mission?


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To listen to the complete sermon audio, Click HERE

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