Zacchaeus Part 25 of 36 Intro to the Bible

After Jesus told them that he would be killed in Jerusalem, He took the disciples there. On the way, He passed through Jericho. Although He knew He was going to die, He was still looking for where God was at work. Today’s message come from Luke 19:1-10

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Jesus had reached Jericho and was just going to pass through. There was a wealthy chief tax collector named Zacchaeus who wanted to see who Jesus was. (Vs. 1-3a)

Zacchaeus was short. This caused him problems because He couldn’t see over the crowd to see Jesus. To overcome this problem, he ran ahead and climbed a sycamore-fig tree as Jesus headed his way. (Vs. 3-4)

Along came Jesus and looked up at him in the tree. Jesus told him to come down right away.  Jesus wanted to stay at his house today. Zacchaeus was excited to have Jesus stay at his house. (Vs. 5-6)

The people were confused and started to mutter between them. They were saying that Jesus was going to be the guest of a sinner. (Vs. 7)

At Zacchaeus’ house standing face to face with the Lord, He offered half of his possessions to the poor and promised that if he had cheated anybody that he would pay them back four times the amount. (Vs. 8)

Jesus responded that salvation had been bestowed on this house. This was because Zacchaeus was a son of Abraham and the Son of Man had come to seek out and save the lost. (Vs. 9)

Questions to be answered:

  1. What did we learn about God in this story?
  2. What do we learn about man/ourselves in this story?
  3. What did you learn new in this story?
  4. What should I do differently because of this story?

To listen to the audio version of this bible study, Click HERE

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