Unforsaken Part 4 of 8

When God brought me into this world, he made me different, I know this now. However, as a young child, I was sent off to foster care as well spent a lot of time in the hospital.  I felt abandoned because there was no one there to comfort a young child scared.To Listen to the complete sermon, Click HERE

I felt deserted when I left home at the age of sixteen because I just couldn’t handle family life and moved to a big city where I knew nobody but had to be there because of hospital visits I needed. You are all alone with no one there to comfort you as you are going under the knife for the umpteenth surgery that will last twelve hours.  Or waking up with your eyes swollen shut and no voices there to comfort you.

Jesus was deserted and abandoned to that we might be forgiven. He died for our sins that we might die to sin and not in our sin.  This brings us to the scripture reading for the week: Matthew 27:45-49

Welcome to week four of our eight-part series. This week we have titled this as Unforsaken. We have defined forsaken as abandoned or deserted.

We take things here on earth for granted too many times. We even take God’s grace and his gifts for granted.

Now let me set the scene that we have heard so many times before. Jesus has lived for about thirty-two years.  He knows this time will come as does his mother Mary.  He is left to his own devices and nailed to the cross with a sinner on each side.

It is currently when Jesus utters those famous words: Psalm 22:1

The scriptures teach us to direct us to use prayer. The believer may have tasted some drops of bitterness, but he can only form a very feeble idea of the greatness of Christ’s sufferings.

With this sacrifice, Jesus was not offering himself as the priest but the sacrifice. This is where the body must die for the soul to separate from the body. Jesus was to die for our salvation.

Note here that Jesus refers to his God not that he is God. Jesus is man who was chosen to commit to this salvation.

Jesus was a man who prayed to his God. He also believed in him, loved him, obeyed him and showed strong faith.  All this proves that Jesus had a human soul.

Those that were nearby heard Jesus speak the words “Eli, Eli”. Although not sure but the Jews present who understood the language assumed he was calling for the prophet Elias. Others used this to banter and ridicule him.

At one point it is understood that Jesus was thirsty. The raised a sponge that had been soaked in vinegar for him. John 19:29 The reason for this was not to revive his spirits or to speed up his death but to mock him. There are also reported stories of his side being pierced by a sword where blood and water flowed out. John 19:34


Psalm 34:18   Psalm 27:10    Deuteronomy 31:6   Joshua 1:9                                                  Isaiah 49:15-16                         John 3:16-17 .

We are commanded by the Lord that we are to go and make disciple s and baptized them in the name of the Lord. Matthew 28:19-20

But now that you have done this, that is not the end of the job. The scriptures say that you must not desert or abandon your new born Christian brother. 1 Thessalonians 4:1-8

How or why the pre-teen is haunted by the daily happenings of sex trafficking is not the issue here. The child has been in this situation for a couple years and for all practical purposes feels like she been abandoned.  It has become a cold case for local law enforcement and although burdened with grief the parents must continue with life.  This is one of the worse cases of desertion I can think of.  The ending is hard to visualize but most likely the child will end up dead or will spends years and thousand of medical dollars to right a wrong.

Well, here is another. Jesus was thirty-two years old knowing that his ending was coming and had to happen to fulfill the prophecy.  He was betrayed by one of his own, while another disciple deserted him by denying he knew Jesus.  He was mocked, made fun of, and crucified.  Then he is joined by two common criminals.

Jesus was deserted and abandoned to that we might be forgiven. He died for our sins that we might die to sin and not in our sin.  Choose today to accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior and know that in doing so you will die Unforsaken.  Accepting Jesus means you can one day leave the “Why God?” troubles of this earth and go to the “My God!” grace of heaven.

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To Listen to the complete sermon, Click HERE

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