Living Right: Part 2 of Bucket List Series

The last fifteen years I always thought that I lived a good Christian life. I serve in my local church, part of a ministry, tithe regularly, and spend time with God daily. To Hear the complete sermon, click HERE

However, imagine my shock when I started doing the research for this message that although I might be doing things right, but I am not doing everything according to God.

This is part two of the Bucket List Series, entitled Living Right.

Too many of us, do not live life the right way. The little things that we don’t consider could mean a whole lot to God.

We did some research and found some things we do in life that may not fit into one way to live according to God’s Word

How many times have you read your horoscope before starting your day? How many of us and yes, I still do this, crack open the fortune cookie when going out for Chinese. Those that lend creditability to a fortune teller at a fair or you call a 900 number realize you’re in huge trouble if you do. Leviticus 19:31

I am not sure but being cut off from my people for the rest of my life time is motivation not to rely on fortune tellers or horoscopes.

Birth control is a society vs. the Bible issue in my opinion. We are told by society that there are cases where we must use birth control.  However, when the bible was written, there is no evidence that protection was anticipated therefore they don’t receive specific bans. Genesis 1:28

The book of Genesis tells one of the famous sexual-oriented stories. Back then if a husband died and left no children to his wife, then his brother was supposed to lay with the widow and get her pregnant, so the deceased brother’s name would live on. The brother in question pulled out as a way of protection because he knew that any offspring would not be his but due to the customs back then, would be credit to his deceased brother. Genesis 38:9-10

3100 BC is the earliest form of tattoo known to man according to Wikipedia. Some people believe the laws in the Old Testament are outdated but some still believe in the Old Testament laws.  Leviticus 19:28

According to a survey, 40% of millennial have a tattoo. Either way your body belongs to God and He says no.

I am not too sure who is the happiest on that wedding day, be it the father of the bride or the couple heading into happily ever after, that is until the happily ever after ends. The bible is quite clear on this matter – no divorces. The scriptures tell us: Mark 10:9

This is one that caught me off guard was shellfish. But most restaurants today especially the classy ones all offer steak and seafood combos and we all love them. Leviticus 11:10

Surprising enough the scripture says that eating shellfish is considered a sin. If you read further into Leviticus Chapter 11 which became the foundation for Kosher

We all long for that moment at the end of the day or week where we can do what ever it is that allows us to take a breather or unwind.

Would it amaze you if I was to tell you that a recent survey by the United States Department of labor reveal we have almost five (5) hours of free time each day.

We can see the example set by God when he mandates one day of rest time each week, the Sabbath day, for us to deepen our relationship with Him, with our family and with other Christians. Exodus 34:21

The scriptures also tell us to use our time wisely and treat our time with care.   Ephesians 5:15-16

The apostle Peter wrote that we will “give an account” to God for the way we use our lives. How sad it would be to have God say, “That’s all you accomplished with the years of life I gave you?”

The Bible explains some guidelines that can help us decide what kind of entertainment to choose and how we should use our free time. Philippians 4:8

These qualities should guide us as we choose the ways we use our leisure time. This list would disqualify much that passes as entertainment today.

  1. Talking with God in prayer and letting God talk to us through the study of His Bible;
  2. Strengthening family ties;
  3. Enjoying God’s creation by gardening, hiking, cycling, skiing, kayaking, star gazing, playing sports, etc.;

They say that people learn from example if people lead by example. So, if you live a correct life, the non-Christian just might take notice and that could open the door to leading this person to God.

Again, you have almost five hours of free time. What will you do with all your free time?

Finally, today’s message comes from the book of Luke. Luke 23:34

We all know without any doubt that three things guaranteed in life is death taxes and God.

The scriptures lead us to the knowledge that with Jesus dying was God’s way of ruling while he was here on earth as well as the way it will be ruled in the world to come.

Jesus’ crucifixion occurred outside the city between two convicts on a dismal executioner’s hill, called “The Skull.” The Gospel is the story of how Jesus the Messiah of God brought God’s reign of justice and mercy to earth, and Luke’s account presents the crucified Messiah enacting God’s reign, surrounded by mocking, brutal violence.

So, the problem is that we don’t live the one way that God has intended for us. Then we learn that God has set the standard for dying and there is only one way. We need to make sure we are believers living a Christian life so when we die we will join our Savior in Glory Land. So, tell me, how are you going to live your life? What changes are you going to make to make living the right way?

To Hear the complete sermon, click HERE

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