The Bucket List

A list of several experiences or achievements that a person hopes to have or accomplish during their life time. That is the definition of a bucket list.To listen to the complete sermon, click HERE

Some of the reasons people make bucket lists includes but not limited to:

  1. It gives your life a purpose or variety & spice;
  2. It gives you something to focus on or something to work towards;
  3. It sets goals for you;
  4. It creates memories otherwise you may not have;

Who has a bucket list? What’s on it?


Too many people put the wrong things on their bucket list. Let’s look at some of those items on a bucket list:

  • Trip to Disney Land or some exotic place;
  • Hot balloon ride or sky diving;
  • Attend all MLB Parks or NFL Stadiums;
  • Financially secure;

You do see the problem, here don’t you? Everything listed here is all about you, what you want? How about what God wants? Hebrews 13:5 / Luke 12:15

This is Part one of an eight-week series.



So, let’s try to do the right thing here and come up with some positive deeds which every disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ should do before departing this earth. We must put ourselves in the right frame of mind. Matthew 6:1-4 

What better way to reflect God’s grace than by volunteering to help others in your community? Volunteering is an experience that not only puts your life and needs into perspective, but it also helps bring you and others closer to God through good deeds        1 Peter 4:10 / Galatians 6:2

Community Work

Action Plan

  1. Help outreach for the homeless;
  2. Help the food pantry;
  3. Help a local cleanup effort;


There is an old saying that says don’t fix what is not broken, but what about our relationship with our fellow man? The Bible tells us that when someone hurts us, we are under an obligation to God to forgive that person. Matthew 6:14-15 / Ephesians 4:32 /


Every church has them whether they are local or not. Not only should this be on your bucket list, but I guarantee you that it will open your eyes and your heart. Not everyone can pack up all their belongings and become career missionaries, but many of us are able to go on at least one short-term mission trips. These trips are a great opportunity to take the compassion of Jesus to another culture and encounter God’s heart.                    Matthew 28:19 / Mark 16:15 /

Lost Sheep

One of the most important and fulfilling parts of being a follower of Christ is leading someone to receive salvation and start a relationship with the Lord. Leading a non-believer that you know towards Christ is an extremely rewarding experience. Not only is it rewarding for the person that you are leading, but also for you as it brings you closer to God. Luke 8:39 / 2 Timothy 1:8 /


Remember back at the start of this message, we talked about going to Disney Land or some exotic places. How many of you ever gave thought of including some biblical destination?

As Christians, we often hear about the places and stories of Jesus’ life, but have no real context because we’ve never traveled to those places. Traveling the Holy Land is a journey of a lifetime, particularly for any Christian looking to become closer to Jesus. Philippians 3:20-21

Israel has long been known for being the “Land of the Bible” and holds many spots that are infused with religious and historical meaning. The following locations are some examples:

Bethlehem          The Jordan River          Valley of Elah          Mount Tabor                  Western Wall          Church of Holy Sepulcher          Mount of Olives                                       Sea of Galilee          Hebron     

Home Sweet Home

If you could go anywhere in the entire world before you died…where would you go? He was the star of a book about him. Some called him a hero, he said he just did what he thought was right. As he was coming close to his final days, dying with a serious disease, surrounded by his family says he was ready to go and he would see his wife of many years her in heaven.

He had completed his bucket list except for one item. The last item on his list was to go to Heaven.

To start with, you must believe heaven and hell exist. If you don’t, your next step is to get right with God because WE ARE ALL GOING SOMEWHERE after we die. Hebrews 9:27

The price to get into heaven has been paid in full and you get your boarding pass when you admit you’re a sinner, repent, and turn your life over to Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior. Jesus paid for our sin in full by being nailed to the cross and dying for our sins.

No one knows when He is coming

Will you be ready?

Have you placed heaven on your bucket list?

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