Will the Real Father Stand Up

According to research 40% of children today live with a stepparent. Another research (Foreign) states that 1/3 of families live without a fatherHow many dads do we have out there today? How about the step dad? God bless you!

We have all heard the saying,” The one who raises the child is called the Father, not the one that help creates it”.

Proverbs 22:6

 Fathers are Loyal

 Loyalty is defined as giving or showing firm and constant support or allegiance to a person or institution.

 Fathers are not only loyal to God and trust God with their whole heart, soul, and mind, they also lead their family to be just as loyal. Fathers believe in God’s promises, that God will preserve their families, and that our good Lord will provide their families everything needed for salvation. Fathers pass this belief on to his family as someone who is loyal through actions and bible study.

Hebrews 11:1

Fathers are Accomplished

Most fathers work 40 hours a week. However, today, some fathers work more, some less and some have two and three jobs. Generally, they have time to relax to watch favorite show on television or participate in a hobby, or maybe they like to participate in sports themselves.

 However, there is another side to fathers that we tend to forget at times. Dads are also men that are there when things need to get done.  The toilet overflows, child running late and misses the school bus, house repairs, or just be there when their wives or children need a comforting hug.

I understand that not all fathers will be there for everything but when they are they are setting a prime example for their children and the children should learn by example. As the children develop by seeing the prime example they start to learn from activity of their own.  If they see or hear their father being a clock watcher at work, then likely they will become that as well.  So, imagine the effect of a child that does not see or has been taught about God.  Although fathers are there to watch over their flock as God watches over us, he must also leave sufficient space for the child to try new things and learn from their mistakes while still being an involved father.  In some ways we can see our fathers as superheroes.

 Matthew 5:16

 Fathers are Instructors

 Fathers are given the ability to teach. I am not referring to the teaching of how to throw a football or how to ride a bicycle. I am referring to the teaching of the road you will eventually walk.  I am referring to preparing you for the world as you don’t know till you are taught about it.  This will aid you as you transform into adults.  But take note, for that child that is growing up to take that instruction and put it to work you as a father must be credible and must have earned their trust and love.  Without it, you are done before you start.

Ephesians 6:4

Fathers are Inspiration

Dad’s are the shining beacon for their families. They are the ones that will be there for you when things don’t turn out just exactly the way they were supposed to.  Dad has just worked 12 hours, had car troubles coming home, and arrives home to something gone wrong at home will still have inspiration because he believes and trust in God.

Dr. Leman, an accomplished author tells us not to ask your children questions. If your children want, you to know something they will tell you.

“Dad says how was school?” The daughter responds “fine” and heads off to their room.   “Dad says how was concert” and the son responds, “It was ok” and walks away.  Now wouldn’t be great if Johnny comes home and tells you he caught the winning pass and wished that you could have made it or Betty tells dad all about her new boyfriend.

Fathers are to learn to trust their children and yes that will be hard to do trust me. Part of the inspiration is to inspire your children to go after their passions, dreams, as well plan.  Most of all, fathers are to inspire their children to continue their walk with the Lord.

Psalm 103:13

Fathers are a Specimen

Specimen is defined as “an example of something such as a product or piece of work, regarded as typical of its class or group” Fathers make good specimens for positive role models for the family. Children have the tendency to follow their father’s behaviors. So, the senior specimen of the family not only has to be a great husband, treat people as God treats his people, and most of all continue to be a Godly specimen.

A child’s spiritual journey is supposed to start in the home and the additional support come from outside the home. As the senior spiritual leader in the home, you are expected to be a big part of your child’s spiritual development.

Titus 2:7

The most important example that father can make to his children is to love others like God love his children. Everyone should be treated the same with no regards to any differences,

Fathers are Dependable

Dependable is defined as trustworthy and reliable. If you tell Danny that you will pick him up after school, then you need to make very effort to follow through.  There is nothing more heartbreaking to a coach watching a player scanning the crowd for his father who fails to keep his promise for the fifth game in a row.

Part of being dependable is being reliable or predictable. Yes, most fathers work hard to bring home the bread and butter but in today’s age it is usually two paycheck families.  These dependable sources of incomes provide the family needs.  Dependability also assists when crisis arises.  A father that is nowhere to be found when crisis arises is not dependable.

Children need the dependability of their fathers. This means that fathers need to be attentive and dependable.  It was once said that a father’s responsibility isn’t a curse but a pure blessing from God.  The column “Dear Abby”, once wrote “If you want your children to keep their feet on the ground, put some responsibility on their shoulders.”

Take a second and close your eyes. Think back to when you were younger and who was the person you pattern your life after. Who was your role model? A show of hands, how many of you picked your father?

Colossians 1:10

So, Dads if you meet most of these traits of a father hold your head up high and for those of you that have a father present today that meets most of these traits you should be proud.

In conclusion, children are to obey their parents and parents you are to obey your parents. All of us are to obey God.  If there are any Fathers out there that are not good with their Father traits, you need to get to work.  Otherwise if there are any Fathers out there that are not right with God, God is your Heavenly Father and is waiting for you to come home just like the Prodigal Son.  So, what are you waiting for?

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