Service Update June 10th


There is no biblical message this week but a periodic update. Check out the list of employers that are willing to consider potential employees with felonies on their record. If you need a hard copy, check with your ministry server and I am sure they will supply you with one.There are over a hundred employers on that list. This list has been provided to the homeless advocates but can not be responsible if there are errors. Please send us a message if you find someone that is no longer felon friendly.  Please also note that there are some jobs where backgrounds will be required and some position where felons are not allowed to work. See picture for the list.

Goodwill, McDonalds, Subway, and Wyndham Hotels are employers that are in the downtown area which makes it accessible. Most of the other employers on this list can be applied to online.  Again, please note, we have no confirmation if any of these employers are currently hiring.  You will need to do your homework.

Our weekly message will return this coming Sunday June 17, 2018. This will be our Father’s Day Message.  As well this will also be the release of our new podcast called A Hand Up which will have the Father’s Day complete message for you to listen to.

As always for any needs, please feel free to reach out to us.

Stay safe and dry. God Bless

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