The Flood

We have learned the God created the heavens and the earth and all creatures within. We also know that God created Adam and Eve.  Last week we seen that God created sin when Adam & Eve ate from the forbidden tree.  This week we see how God tries to clean up the sin.This week’s scripture is Genesis 6:11 – 9:17.

We know that God created man to be in likeness of himself. However, Satin had other ideas and convince Man to commit sin.  Sin at this point evolved and God saw that sin was corrupting the perfect world he had created. At this point God stated he would destroy them with the earth.

God told Noah to build an ark. Noah was to take his family and two of each creature onto the ark to protect them from the rains that were to come.  In other words, God was cleaning house so to speak.

Noah was selected because he had shown God righteousness. He told Noah that he was going to cause storms for 40 days and night and he was going to wash away all creatures that he had created.

Noah and his family and all the instructed creatures were aboard the ark, God closed them in. Then God created a 40 days and night rain.  There was not a living creature left after the 40 days and nights.

Once the waters had recessed, Noah sent out a dove twice who returned in the evening showing that the ground was still wet. The third time the dove did not return so they exited the ark.  As there were a male and female of each creature they could multiply and recreate the creatures on earth. God also made a covenant with Noah that there would never be a flood again to destroy the earth.

We must know from this story that God is powerful. He pretty much can create or destroy anything.  We also must understand that there are some things in life that we just do not have any control over no matter who we are.

I was unaware of the significance of the covenant that God made with Noah till I reviewed the whole story together. Knowing that we are all sinners and knowing the power of God, we all need to try harder not to upset him because we do not know when he may return.

This leaves the following questions:

  1. What do we learn about God in this story?
  2. What do we learn about man/ourselves in this story?
  3. What new did we learn?
  4. What changes do we need to make?






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